About Torre Rotonda

Welcome to medieval ambience, where stormy past left its trace, immortalized in historical heritage. We are convinced that a part of this atmosphere and our hospitality will live in your memory.

Coffee bar Torre Rotonda, testimony of ancient times is also the round tower, situated on the southern part of Poreč’s peninsula in close vicinity of the Public Square. It was built in 1474 under the Venetian government by Poreč potentate Pietro de Mula. At the time it was a strategically important fort to defend Poreč from the Turkish government. Today the Round Tower has been turned into one of the most attractive cafés on Poreč’s peninsula.

You can find a nook to enjoy yourself in the charm of the medieval walls, in the beautiful ambience of the interior of the tower, in the niches where cannons for the town defence were set, or on the terrace at the very top with an impressive view of the Poreč’s harbour and the island of St. Nicholas.

Present-day Coffee bar Torre Rotonda (The Round Tower) has a bar tradition of many years, and as such has been in business since 2001.
We would like to contribute to your long-lasting memories with the hospitality of our staff while watching the breathtaking sunset and having your favourite drink or cocktail in the Coffee bar Torre Rotonda.

Enjoyed your visit at Torre Rotonda?